Endless questions

Would you let me

Lay my sorrows and fears in your palms like crumbs of bread that prove the existance of bread tha once was craved by many bakers


Would you recognise when I down?

Would you dearcibe my so vivid imagination of our future?

Do you even care when I am vake about my emotions?

Do you realize thay I am human and not a device you can control with the pulse of the ego?

Would you stilll acknowledge me like a boyfriend when financial contraints blind the red colors of love and bliss?


Remember that I need time alone to remenise lonelines and reconcile with the inner self. Alone

Give me Joy and let me chew bitter burdening words and spit them out …….





Teenage love

The police are on the way to areest for hijacking my feelings ,stealing my heart and driving me crazy without a driver’s licence.



Come out !Come out where ever you are.


By S.Yenge.

Give me a kiss

Give me a kiss to rejuvenate my age

Shower my kindred spirit with still water.

Grant me a kiss to turn my older days into crazy teenage ones.

Plough colorful insects in my stomach.

Create an artist in my mind to paint on the greatest chapel of the arts.

Magnify my sight to see all the sacrifices I have compromised for us.


Give me a kiss and don’t say a word………..







Cry me a flood

It beckons the body

Giving it multiple pulses much worse than what it should

With an empty temporal excitement that birth endless regrets

It takes away your very own identity and shreds silent death of the spirit

It is a drug that consumes the body and soul

Creating a false over-imagination and pretence

In pubs and tarvens they give it soothing names

To attract the curious

That once killed innocent siamese

It is a waepon to face out black intelligence.

First blog post

I am Sandile Yenge from a small area called Kentane passed Butterworth that is in the Southern parts of the Eastern Cape in South Africa.


A lot of people have dreams but I have plenty.My greatest dream is to change the world .I don’t believe that one must get respect because of his occupation but he must be respected by his good deeds to the society.


I am a writer , dancer and a poet .For God has cursed me with sharp eyes to see the future my heart ans soul is always tortured b6 bitter thoughts that blade my heart .


I have a manuscript and I am also in need of publication capital.


Contact me further at 079 260 3074.

Or email @ seidayenge00 @gmail. com